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Lenovo industrial control agents gathered in Shenzhen

from November 16 to November 19, 2004, they implemented the "machine substitution" in the repetitive operation section of chemical enterprises and chemical research institutions that produce refractory materials, ceramics, bricks and tiles, non mining furniture, ceilings and so on. At Taoyuan villa in Shenzhen, more than 20 Lenovo Tiangong value-added service providers from all over the country gathered, Jointly discuss the 2004 annual summary of 20 development customer solutions and the work plan for the coming year. As the core agent of Lenovo Tiangong, Mr. Hu Guangrong, the general manager of 4D industrial control, delivered an important speech at the summary meeting, which was recognized and endorsed by peers in the industry. Subsequently, all agents rushed to put forward valuable opinions, and everyone was full of confidence that Lenovo industrial control could make a difference in the industry

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