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Recently, the Institute of information and intelligent technology of the National Heavy Industry Institute of technology successfully won the PMC, andon and AVI system projects of four workshops of stamping, welding, painting and general assembly of a well-known domestic automobile manufacturer, with a total contract amount of more than ten million yuan, This is also another project order won by Tiangong Institute for energy reduction in this field

in recent years, the intelligent system and equipment business sector of the Institute of information technology of China Academy of technology has continued to make breakthroughs, especially preheating 5 (1) 0 minutes before the experiment. In the field of automotive intelligent workshop, in MES production management information system, APS advanced scheduling system, EMS energy management system, AVI vehicle automatic identification system, PMC production and material monitoring system, andon safety light system, intelligent error proofing system, plan indication system, WMS storage management system SPS material sorting system and other fields continue to expand in-depth cooperation with customers, continuously provide industrial automation services for many well-known domestic vehicle manufacturing enterprises, and help enterprises achieve real information management and control in energy management, resource allocation, workshop management, order production, lean production, automatic operation of production lines, etc. due to the close connection between China's extruder products and strategic new industries, In essence, it helps enterprises improve production efficiency and market competitiveness

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