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The national lubricant enterprise alliance was established in Beijing

on March 13, the national lubricant enterprise alliance of China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation was ceremoniously established in Beijing. 43 member units have issued self-discipline proposals to the national lubricating oil enterprises. They should earnestly abide by the law, be honest and trustworthy, establish an integrity system, improve product quality, implement brand strategy, accept social supervision, jointly improve national brands, and promote the sustainable development of the lubricating oil industry

At the meeting, Li Shousheng, President of the China Federation of petroleum and chemical industry, congratulated the establishment of the alliance and put forward two hopes:

first, give full play to advantages and enhance confidence in doing a good job in the alliance of lubricant enterprises. In the next 10 years, the demand for lubricating oil in the Asia Pacific region will reach 15.5 million tons, and although China has a certain degree of decline in gas consumption, the country will account for 40% of the demand in the region. China's lubricant market will grow at a rate of about 5% per year in the next five years. By 2020, the demand for lubricant dispensing in the Chinese market will double according to the above steps, and will become the world's largest lubricant consumer. Domestic lubricant brands are gradually moving towards the middle and high-end, and some advantageous private brands are increasingly mature and growing, and gradually become strong brands in some fields or localities. At the same time, more and more oil enterprises and Independent Lubricant Manufacturers in the world are laying out the Chinese market, and the high-end lubricant market is still strongly occupied by foreign brands. It is in this context that there is a need to establish national industry organizations, strengthen industry self-discipline, safeguard legitimate rights and interests, and promote industrial development

second, explore boldly and play the role of lubricant enterprise alliance. First, we should be proactive and give full play to the role of staff and assistants. Provide opinions and suggestions for the scientific development of China's lubricating oil industry, focus on the investigation and research of hot and difficult issues encountered in the development of the industry, and put forward opinions and methods for the government and competent departments to solve problems; Second, we should strengthen coordination and give play to the role of bridge and link. Timely reflect the wishes and requirements of enterprises, actively publicize relevant policies and regulations, and strive to input relevant experimental parameters; Reach the lower love and the upper love; Coordinate the relationship between the lubricant industry and other industries, and between the lubricant industry and other industries and relevant departments, strive for understanding and support from all aspects, and realize the harmony and unity of enterprise interests, industry interests, and social interests; Third, we should keep close contact and play a role of cooperation and service. Expand cooperation fields, improve cooperation capabilities, exchange experience, exchange information, learn from each other, and develop together to promote the overall export of domestic lubricants; Fourth, we should strengthen self-discipline and give play to the role of supervision and restraint

At the meeting, the leading body of the first alliance Council was elected. Yang Shufen, chairman of Harbin yew Oil Co., Ltd., was elected as the director of the alliance, Ma Zhiqing, chairman of Shandong Qingyuan Group Co., Ltd., and other 11 people were elected as deputy directors, and Jiao Chong, general manager of Shandong Qingyuan Group Co., Ltd., was elected as the Secretary General

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